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Ortho-Bionomy Isometrics: Jeanne's Definition

Ortho-Bionomy Isometrics are an important tool in our OB tool bag!

From a Neuroscience and brain perspective.  (Much simplified by me)

The brain is blind.  It only senses input from the vision and auditory systems, through the brain’s perception of its own movement and the body’s movement, and signals from the ground.

Many of you have heard me talk about the message the muscles send to the brain through the sensory system.  Sometimes that message to the brain is clear and concise, and the brain responds appropriately and sends output to the muscles that is clear and concise, and the muscle continues to be as it has been.  This would be a sensory neuro motor loop that is functioning properly.

In other instances, the message from the muscle is clear and concise but the brain doesn’t get the message. The sensory neuro motor loop is out of sync.  You might ask how that happens.  Accidents,  injury, illness,  and stress can have a negative effect on the sensory neuro motor loop and message from the muscle doesn’t get to the brain. 

I use the example of tight traps at the top of the shoulder.  In my simplified explanation, I like to explain it this way:

1.The brain sends a question out to the muscle: are you on?  What is your status? (the muscle needs to be on to support posture, help move your head, neck and arms, and movements of the shoulder girdle.

2. The muscle send a message back that it is on and has too much juice going to it.

3. Because the sensory neuro motor loop is out of sync the brain doesn’t get the message.

4. With no input from the muscle the brain sends more juice to the muscle so it can do its job. 

5. The trap at the top of your shoulder gets harder.

6. The muscle sends a message back that says: “I’m on, I’m on already!”  Don’t send any more juice to me!.

7. This cycle continues with the muscle getting harder and more painful until…..

An Ortho-Bionomist comes along and addresses the area using simple Ortho-Bionomy Isometrics and the sensory neuro motor loop gets back in sync and the brain’s response is: holy mackerel!  Too much juice going to the traps!”  And changes the output to the muscle  and the muscle gets softer and could be less painful immediately. 

The OB isometrics are simple, easy to learn and easy to use,  very powerful and can be used anywhere on the body. 

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